Intellectual property theft is common. For example, sales professionals consider that the contacts they have belong to them and take those contacts with them to their next job. These contacts, the interactions with these contacts, and all information concerning these contacts is the intellectual property of the company.

We are pleased to announce the release of Information Security Enforcer (ISE) 3.0. The updated version has full-scale CASB features and new capabilities for controlling information being uploaded to cloud applications as well as a range of sophisticated reporting options for analyzing export of sensitive data to the cloud. Real-time data leak prevention controls potential exfiltration attempts and blocks any attempt to upload unauthorized sensitive information to any cloud application.

The Information Security Enforcer 3.0 stops data leaks in real time to web applications such as Office
365, Box, Dropbox, and other online storage and collaboration services. It also monitors online email
systems such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. Using GhangorCloud’s unique technology of 3-D correlation
between actors, content, and operations, the ISE can automatically and accurately determine who
should have access to what. Based on the type of information being transmitted, its security-based
significance and the clearance of the sender, the ISE determines if an exfiltration is in the process and block any attempts to upload highly sensitive content. Even if a company has allowed access to Box, or other popular content storage sites, the ISE will analyze whether or not the user has permission to move any specific piece of content. If the user’s security clearance and authorization are not appropriate for the content security level, the transmission will be stopped.

An extensive set of CASB reports allows security professionals to analyze who is transmitting what
content to which cloud sites. This is very useful for companies who are studying usage patterns of
sensitive content in their organizations. Reports detail what types of content have been blocked and
uploaded, by whom and using what cloud applications. Top N reports provide summary information
regarding top users, top content uploaded and top cloud destinations.

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