Staying Compliant In The Digital Age: Essert Announces Free Masterclass Oct 5-9

Using Software to Help Businesses Navigate the California Consumer Privacy Act to Avoid Penalties

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(Santa Clara, CA)Essert is proud to announce their Free Masterclass on California Consumer Privacy Act Compliance on October 5th, through 9th. This exclusive masterclass, taught by the privacy and security experts of Essert, a cloud-based software that provides CCPA Compliance Automation as well as privacy breach prevention for businesses all over the world, not just California.

The California Consumer Privacy Act was brought into enforcement on July 1st, 2020, which gave California consumers privacy rights, and the right to request information collected by businesses. Businesses all over the world who serve California are facing hefty penalties for non-compliance and even private legal action for privacy breaches.

For many, the thought of becoming compliant and figuring out how to do just that is daunting, but Essert has created a fast, simple solution for companies everywhere with their cloud-based software used in small, medium and large companies alike.

In addition to compliance software, Essert also focuses on privacy breach prevention, and with the post-pandemic workplace on the horizon, cyber security is more vital than ever. Privacy, security and compliance are three components that every single successful business needs to be well versed in, and Essert provides everyone with the tools to become well versed in all three in their upcoming free Masterclass.

Participants will walk away with the following free tools and materials:

The exclusive Masterclass teaches compliance on a budget, how to integrate compliance internally, and how to protect your data as well as your company. This free expert advice by some of Silicon Valley’s finest is few and far between, and typically comes with a large price tag. Essert made it their mission to help companies large and small navigate compliance with new privacy laws and protect their data in the post-pandemic era.

“Our masterclass is intended to help SMB businesses with limited budgets due to the Covid-19 pandemic, gain the tools necessary to take compliance into their own hands. We walk participants through the process, provide them with the tools for success, and guide them through the regulations associated with CCPA.” -DV Dronamraju Founder of Essert

To sign up for the Free CCPA Compliance Masterclass, please visit: Masterclass.


About Essert

Based in the Silicon Valley, Essert is a cloud-based software to help businesses and corporations remain CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliant in the digital age. The CCPA went into effect July 1,2020, requiring all companies who served California residents and make over $25 million in annual revenue or collect personal data of 100,000 people or more to provide the consumer with all of the data that has been collected on them at any given time. Failure to comply with this new law results in hefty penalties and several companies now even face private legal action for non-compliance. Essert has the solution for this by providing CCPA/CPRA Compliance Automation to their customers, taking the tech and the fuss out of remaining compliant and protecting the company. In addition to compliance, Essert also focuses on privacy breach prevention, with a goal to “Free the World of Data Breaches”.


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