Webinar: Review Your Privacy Policy for CCPA

CCPA Privacy

The landmark California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives consumers the right to know personal information held by businesses, request deletion of that information, and opt-out of its sale. The law took effect on January 1 2020, and enforcement is not scheduled to begin until July 1, 2020.

The CCPA requires many companies, which have either assets or customers in California, to review and make changes to their privacy policy. This also includes a requirement to clearly disclose the type of personal information collected and its usage. The new privacy law delivers new rights around the collection, storage, and usage of personal information. While California is the first state to enact such a sweeping privacy law, other states are expected to follow.

The shelter-in-place requirements, because of COVID-19, left key personnel unable to initiate new programs such as CCPA compliance. Additionally, access to experts and privacy attorneys to conduct assessments is further limited. Essert offers ways to review your privacy policy to determine if your company needs changes to comply with the CCPA law.

In this live webinar, we offer a detailed review of your privacy policy from trusted CCPA experts, including:

  • Does your company need to comply with the new privacy law?
  • Do you need to make substantial changes to your privacy policy?
  • Learn from a detailed privacy policy review of Zoom’s privacy policy
  • Join us to win a free detailed privacy policy review for CCPA compliance

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