Webinar: COVID-19 CCPA Enforcement Delay


The COVID-19 brought many non-essential businesses to shutter, limit, or digitize most operations. In our first session, we discussed a reqeust from media groups for a delay and why California AG indicated that the delay is unlikely. We also discussed the risks of CCPA compliance.

The landmark California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives consumers the right to know personal information held by businesses, request deletion of that information, and opt out of its sale. The law took effect on January 1 2020, and enforcement is not scheduled to begin until July 1, 2020.

During the shelter-at-home as part of COVID-19, there is increased emphasis on privacy and security. There is a need to balance the need for personal information and privacy & security. Additionally, HIPAA may get triggered as part of your data collection.

In this second live session, you will gain insight into how COVID-19 and post pandemic actions on privacy and security from trusted CCPA experts, including:

  • A discussion on Zoom and its lawsuit
  • How remote work may impact your internal privacy policy
  • A policy discussion on personal information collection during and post pandemic days

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